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terms and conditions

enrolment policy and fees

  • Numbers are limited to 12 children per class (excluding accompanying younger siblings). During Covid-19, maximum participants has been adjusted differently in each venue to accommodate social distancing and accompanying younger siblings are counted in the enrolment numbers as capped per venue.
  • A minimum number of enrolments are required to run each class. You will be contacted as soon as possible if the class you have chosen does not have the minimum enrolments.
  • Children enrolled in the previous term are given re-enrolment priority.
  • You can enrol at any stage during the term if there is a place available. Your fees will be prorated.
  • Term fees cover one child attending plus a carer and include GST. A sibling under the age of 6 months can accompany an older sibling to the same class at no charge. Siblings over 6 months, (also applies for twins in a Babes class) are charged a discounted rate. For administration purposes, all children attending the class need to be enrolled. This includes non-fee paying children.
  • When enrolling siblings, always enrol in the age-appropriate class for the oldest child.
  • Terms usually run for 10 weeks, except when Public Holidays prevent this. Classes do not run on Public Holidays and your fees will be adjusted accordingly.


missed and make-up classes

  • You are guaranteed one make-up class per term, subject to class numbers. We may be able to accommodate additional make-ups, as requested, in a class that has available spots.
  • We require advance notice of an absence to be eligible for a make-up class. Notify the office (by email, text or phone call), at least 2 hours before your missed class. This allows another child the opportunity to attend class in your place.
  • If you know in advance that you will be missing a class (e.g. for a holiday or an appointment), please advise the office as soon as you know so that another child can schedule a make-up class in your place.
  • Make up classes must be taken in the same term and are not transferable or refundable.


  • Please do not bring a sick child to class as this poses a risk of infection to all the particpants in the class. This includes coughs, runny noses, flu, colds, conjunctivitis etc. 
  • This applies to all participants – a sibling that is too unwell to go to school or daycare is too ill to be brought along to music class too. Accompanying adults must be well too. 


trial classes

You are welcome trial a class, depending on availability. There are one-off trials (same fee as a weekly class) or a Trial pack, with the second week discounted. If trial spots are unavailable, you may be able to observe part of a class on the sideline.


changing classes

It will not be possible to change classes once the term commences if it overbooks another class or compromises the minimum numbers required to keep a class open.


cancellation policy

  • A full refund minus a $25 Administration Fee will apply if the enrolment is cancelled up to 5 working days before Term commences. No refund will be given if the enrolment is cancelled after this time.
  • Once the Term has commenced, we cannot accommodate deferments to a later term.


courtesy in class

  • Out of respect to the health and hygiene of all our participants, we do not allow eating in class. Children should be fed a snack before class.
  • We ask that parents and carers limit socialising to before or after classes as children look to their accompanying adults as their role models. It helps the children to focus on the teacher if their accompanying adults are showing the teacher the same respect.
  • Einsteinz Music reserves the right to refuse admission to any participant who poses a disciplinary problem to our teachers or disrupts the learning for other participants