see us in action

All the music in Einsteinz Music classes for toddler, babies & preschoolers is played live. Here are some snippets of the teachers in action in classes. They are not professional videos – just clips to convey the essence of the classes and an introduction to our teacher’s individual styles.


  • Introduction to Einsteinz Music video
  • Claire singing the up tempo action song “Rocket Ship Run”.
  • Cash introducing concepts of fast and slow, loud and soft with “Play Your Instruments”.
  • Dee trying to shoo a pesky fly away with “Mr Peter Rabbit”.
  • Lewis singing an Einsteinz Music core song “Bam Chi Chi Bam”, (a song about bats of all things), in drum time.
  • Ashleigh singing the classic song “In The Jungle” (Lion Sleeps Tonight).
  • Diego celebrating a sunny day with “Mrs Golden Sun”