see us in action

All the music in Einsteinz Music classes for toddler, babies & preschoolers is played live. Here are some snippets of the teachers in action in classes. They are not professional videos – just clips to convey the essence of the classes and an introduction to our teacher’s individual styles.


  • Introduction to Einsteinz Music video
  • Claire counting down the exciting take off of a rocket in “Rocket Ship Run”.
  • Alli spreading happiness all round with “Happy and You Know It”
  • Patrick leading the “band” in the classes Beatles song “Yellow Submarine”
  • Kat getting silly with “Shaker Your Sillies Out”
  • Marcus doing a gross motor game with “Can You Balance Yourself on One Leg”?
  • Celine taking a trip to the moon in “Zoom, ZOOM, Zoom”
  • Chloe recounting the favourite story of the “Five Little Ducks”
  • Cash introducing the children to the different parts of a drum in “Big Bass Drum”