meet the teachers

Our team of professional musicians at Einsteinz Music specialize in teaching music classes to toddlers, babies, and preschoolers. Our teachers have a great rapport with children, creating an informal and dynamic environment that is age-appropriate. We focus on teaching through “doing” and sharing music, giving each child a solid musical foundation while having fun! Parents, carers, nannies, and grandparents have all raved about this approach over the years. Meet our team of talented and experienced musicians:

cash brown


Having written poetry from the age of 7 and later getting into song writing, music programming/mixing and production, Cash is an extremely creative person.

Cash is a very experienced teacher, having nearly 2 decades of experience working in leadership positions, with young people in multiple areas and has been teaching with Einsteinz Music since Term 2 in 2016. Cash’s teaching style is very intuitive and based in a foundation of psychology, (allowing children to show the way they need to be taught) and flexibility in being able to taper lesson plans to suit the energy of the room.

As a soul singer and rapper hop/hop artist, when choosing content for classes, Cash draws on well-known hits, songs parents can groove along to and also writes original songs for kids. Cash builds trust with all participating children, often learning songs in other languages for children with multi-cultural backgrounds and using music in the class setting to help socialise children who experience shyness or learning and behavioural issues.

Cash is a human rights advocate, who works alongside First Nations Australians, the POC/Black community, as well as being a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and a gender diverse man, Cash has a very large capacity for tolerance, compassion and acceptance and this experience is brought into the classroom where Cash inspires all who enter to be respectful, loving, patient and tolerant of one another.

“I care about all people and strive to nurture any who enter an Einsteinz Music space, celebrating their similarities and their differences through music.”

claire steele


Claire grew up on the mid-north coast of NSW and was exposed to music from an early age. Her father, an accomplished guitarist played frequently around the home, and Claire remembers attending numerous gigs growing up, watching him play bass guitar in local jazz bands.

From the age of 8, Claire began piano lessons in classical repertoire and continued these throughout her schooling life. She was a member of the high school band for many years, playing trumpet, clarinet and saxophone, but piano remained her primary focus.

After school she attended the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music, obtaining a Bachelor of Music in Performance. Whilst at the Con, she performed in numerous chamber and vocal ensembles, including performances for Opera Hunter, and was the accompanist for the Conservatorium’s Early Childhood Music Choir.

Claire went on to further study, receiving a Diploma of Education in Primary Teaching.

After time spent teaching in Sydney, both private piano tuition and primary teaching in schools, Claire moved to the USA where she lived for almost 9 years. During this time, she taught piano privately, and worked as Music Director for a local theatre group that specialised in musical theatre for primary aged school children.

After returning to Australia with a young family, Claire realised how much she enjoyed playing and singing to her children, and decided to pursue opportunities in early childhood music. Starting teaching with Einsteinz Music in March 2015,  was a perfect fit.

“Seeing children engage with music in such a hands-on way is extremely rewarding”.

diego paez


Diego is a music teacher, singer, pianist, composer, song writer and producer with experience in a variety of musical genres.

Born in Cali, Colombia, Diego grew up loving Salsa dancing, (which is hometown is famous for) and that is where his passion with music began. He started singing first as a boy, then started learning piano and guitar and gained experience singing and dancing salsa. After school he obtained his Bachelor’s in music and then a Masters in Music Theory and Composition.

Attracted to the beach lifestyle and multicultural environment, Diego came to Sydney 3 years ago. Music helped him learn English so he understands first-hand how it can help developing children with their literacy. In Sydney he works as a private music tutor, teaching piano, guitar, singing and music theory to children from 3 years old to adults.

After seeing Einsteinz Music teacher Cash run a class, he was inspired to join the team. He thought the class was a master class in how to teach early childhood music because of the way fundamental music concepts were communicated through fun content and structure.

Diego’s goal is to share music in all forms, by teaching, performing and creating:

“Music is a very successful teaching tool for young children because they can learn everything through it – like vocabulary, social skills, self-awareness and creative skills.”

jonti danilewitz


Jonti started learning guitar at the age of 12 after his arrival in Sydney from his birthplace of Johannesburg, South Africa. Throughout High-School his passion for music grew and he learnt enough about guitar, bass, drums, singing and recording to put together his first set of compositions.

After attaining a Bachelor of Creative Arts Jonti took his colourful music to Los Angeles and released 3 albums, toured the world, and performed at venues such as the Sydney Opera House, Radio City Hall and The Greek Theatre. Since then, Jonti has continued furthering his education in music theory and teaching guitar. He also creates compositions and sound designs for films, TV shows, advertisements and even video games!

His favourite thing to do is create and perform fun and engaging music for the future generation of musicians. Jonti loves working with children, and they respond positively to his warm and fun personality. He encourages the children’s interest in music and is passionate about laying the foundation for future learning and playing musical instruments.

 “Being a musician has given me a colourful life, access to a global community, and a means of self- expression. I think my values strongly connect with those of Einsteinz Music, which promotes giving children a chance to experience the same sense of joy and self-awareness that comes from belonging to a group”.


celine pozzo


Celine’s journey is a testament to her unwavering love for music. Originally hailing from the enchanting city of Paris, she transitioned from a career in Senior Management in Corporate IT to follow her lifelong passion. Music has been her constant companion, and prior to her IT career, she dedicated her time to studying music in France and even took online courses through Berkeley University in California. This period of study allowed her to hone her skills in piano, singing technique, musicianship, and Rock.

In 2016, Celine embarked on a life-changing journey that brought her to the sunny shores of Sydney, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter in her life. Over the past decade, music has been intricately woven into the tapestry of her existence, including serving as a Choir Director at a Glee Club at a music school in Bondi Junction.

With her unwavering dedication, Celine made the profound decision to transform her cherished passion into a fulfilling vocation. She is currently pursuing a Diploma in Music, specializing in Composition and Creation and is the lead vocalist in a Greenday Tribute Band, captivating audiences in both New South Wales and Queensland.

This career shift has ushered in a remarkable change of pace for Celine, one rich with the profound joy of sharing music with others. She is particularly excited to be working closely with children, nurturing their musical journey during those crucial early steps. As she reflects on this beautiful shift in her life, Celine shares:

“I love being able to work closely with children and share music with them during their first steps into music at an early age.”

chloe watts


Chloe grew up in a beautiful yet quiet town on the South Coast of NSW, but that didn’t stop her from making music (noise!) from the earliest age possible. Then at four years old, she was inspired by a teacher who sang and played guitar for the students, and she hasn’t looked back since. She joined school jazz bands and big bands, trained in classical piano and started writing her own music. 

Now a songwriter, producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist, Chloe has a Bachelor of Music from the Sydney Conservatorium. She has been working with children for over 6 years and enjoys sharing her love of music, especially with young people. 

 “I know from first-hand experience that these musical moments can have such a profound impact on children. Even if they don’t go on to pursue a career in music like me, there are so many social, personal and educational benefits of music-making in a child’s life”.

dee pask


Dee has always found ways to put music at the forefront of her life. She began learning piano at age eight, picked up a guitar at 13 for the obligatory teenage angst years, and eventually went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Music & Media. She has since worked in music management, music merchandising, and travelled on the road with touring bands, with her main musical interests being indie, rock, and folk.

Dee has herself played in multiple bands over the last 20 years, most notably as a solo artist, or as singer/songwriter and guitarist with Dusker. Most recently she has been playing with the bands Briscoe and gf elbows, on keys/synth and vocal duties (plus some mean tambourine). She has also dabbled in gospel choirs and musical theatre.

 “There is so much evidence that exposure to music at an early age is hugely beneficial, so I am thrilled to be able to work with Einsteinz Music. The best part is making music fun and being silly with the kids, so that they are encouraged to learn without even realising it”.

Dee has been teaching energetic Einsteinz Music classes since Term 2 in 2019, but as of mid-way through Term 3 2022, she has started a full time job and doesn’t teach regular weekly classes anymore. However, she is on standby for occasional sub teaching when possible and for weekend music sessions for Einsteinz Music parties.

robyn rostovsky

Owner of Einsteinz Music

Robyn attended her first Einsteinz Music class with her 7 month old daughter whilst on maternity leave.

“I fell in love with the concept and had to be involved with the classes  – what could be better than making music with children? What a joyful way to spend the day!”

After training to be a teacher for a few terms, Robyn was then offered the opportunity to open new classes, but at the time was pregnant with her second child. Instead, she bought the business in 2004 – a perfect combination of her past education (an Honours Degree in Dramatic Arts, with a penchant for musical theatre) and her many years of work experience in marketing and sales management in the field of luxury education.

Robyn is passionate about Einsteinz Music and all the benefits it brings to children and carers alike. Occasionally she ventures out from behind her desk to teach substitute classes or co-teach larger groups for promotions or demonstrations.