trials & casuals


trial classes

You are welcome to trial a class first. Trial classes are $29 fee.¬† A child with a “trial” status is not guaranteed an ongoing spot in the class.¬†

You may be able to book a trial class yourself through the online button, if it is the day before, or the morning of, the class. However, at some stages of the term (before term starts, or towards the end of the term when the system has rolled over to the next term), the facility won’t be available. It is best then to call 0431 338 143 to check availability for a trial class.


casual classes

Casual attendance is possible ($29 a class, in classes that have a few vacancies. Spots for casuals open for booking the day before the class and pre-booking and pre-payment is required. .


enrolments and enquiries

Please call 0431 338 143.