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If you are interested in finding out about having Einsteinz Music attend your preschool, daycare or playgroup, please fill out the form below. Please call 0431 338 143 if you are interested in us running a music session for your Playgroup, Mother’s group, Daycare Centre or Preschool. We will design a quote depending on your specific needs and the number of participants. Some groups prefer a one-off session, some prefer weekly music classes and others a monthly session.


Through weekly music classes with Einsteinz Music the children learn how to work together in groups and co-operate. It helps tune their ears to listen to each other and to instructions. They develop their sense of rhythm, beat, pitch and tempo and they have a lot of fun.
Luanne Lobel

Director, Emanuel Wollahra Preschool

I really recommend Einsteinz Music classes for anyone who wants their child to experience the joys of music. It gives children a start in something that will enrich their whole life. Chris teaches in such a way that both the child and Educators feel comfortable. He is encouraging to both and it is apparent that he genuinely enjoys what he does. The Educators have learnt a lot from Einsteinz Music Classes and have come to see how important, fun and joyful learning through music can be.
Lisa Caridi

Centre Coordinator, Annandale Childcare Centre

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