make-up classes

make-up classes

Subject to class numbers, you can make up one missed class a term.

You need to make up your missed class during the term – it is not transeferable to a future term.

In order to be eligible for the make-up class, advance notice is required so that your palce may be offered to another child. (Most classes are booked to capacity and therefore make-up classes may only be available if a child will be absent from that particular class.)

In the case of a planned holiday or a pre-booked appointment, advance notice is always possible. Please email the office to notify of a planned absence.

If your child is coming down with a cold, you may know the day or night before, in which case, please email the office to advise that you will be absent the next day. If the onset of the illness is sudden and you only know in the morning, please email the office prior to class or call the office on 0431 338 143.

If you are eligible for a make-up class, click the button below to select a class that is a suitable age group for your child.

Book a make-up lesson

If there are no make-up spots available, please check back daily. If you have been unable to book a make-up class over a two week period, please call the office on 0431 338 143.

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