see us in action

see us in action

Here is a video of our classes in action. Three different age groups were filmed:

It is also a great idea to visit our Facebook page as we are constantly uploading new videos from classes, that capture some wonderful spontaneous moments.

Additionally, here are some snippets of the teachers in action in classes. They are not professional videos – just clips to convey the essence of the classes and an introduction to our teacher’s individual styles.

Karen sharing a song about the children in Yuendumu, an Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory.

Claire with her Preschooler class singing about a trip to the Zoo with Daddy.

Jules sharing a song about a Frog and a Mouse who met and married – a strange couple indeed! Listen to what they ate for their wedding supper.

Cash amusing the Juniors with “In the Jungle”

Brittany, in keeping with her folksy flair, introduces the class to the lovely folk songĀ “Peace Like a River”

Serge “A Ram Sam Sam”-ming with the babies – an all time favourite with all the age groups.

Crystal brought her flute to class (her primary instrument), to share some songs with her lucky little audience.

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