meet the teachers

meet the teachers

Einsteinz Music classes are taught by professional musicians who have great rapport with children (opposed to being taught by Early Childhood teachers who have some music education). This makes the classes far more informal (which is age-appropriate), more “organic”, dynamic and very hands-on. Parents, carers, nannies and grandparents have commented on this point of difference very favourably over the years! Instead of concentrating on the “teaching”, our teachers teach through “doing” and sharing music with the children – so that each participant is getting a very solid musical foundation whilst having loads of fun!

This amazing team of experienced teacher musicians comprises of:


Julie-Ann Glur

As soon as she heard about Einsteinz Music, Jules wanted to be a part of the school, joining the teaching staff in 2003. Jules loves children and gets personal satisfaction watching them learn, grow and develop and seeing them absorb the amount they do week after week.

“Teaching and connecting with children helps me to maintain the child within myself. It helps me to remain open to that beautiful energy and innocence that continues to inspire me!”

Music was always prominent in Julie-Ann’s life, growing up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. She spent some time in Europe in 1992, performing at cafes in Paris and London before heading back home and settling up North in Angourie, a small coastal town. There she spent four years writing and playing music in a band.

She presented a music program featuring new and local talent on Public Radio and also presented a children’s program called ‘Green Eggs and Bacon’, (which was then aired nationally). As an extension of the radio program she started her music teaching career – teaching a class in music appreciation, before moving back to Sydney in 1996.

As well as writing her own songs, (one of her songs, ‘Prism’, was the theme song in a local short film), Julie-Ann is a consummate performer, showing her versatility through many different styles of music: country, folk and acapella.

Jules is a busy lady – teaching four mornings a week for Einsteinz Music, giving private guitar tuition and performing her original folk-styled material at venues around NSW. She and fellow guitarist and vocalist, Willow, perform her original songs in intimate venues around Sydney and the Central Coast as the duo Alchemy.  Their last album “One Thing Leads to Another” was released in 2011.


Cash Brown

Cash (2)Catherine, known to all as Cash, was immediately interested in becoming involved when she heard from Einsteinz Music teacher Karen, what it was all about. It seemed to her to be the perfect fit – combining her strong love of working with young people and her passion for music!

“I love seeing kids’ faces light up when they hear a song that resonates with them. Music is such an important foundation in the early years and I’m grateful to be involved with the development of our future generations!”

Cash has been involved in music and performance from a very young age. She started writing poetry at 7 years old and then taught herself guitar when she was 10. She continued writing poetry and performing through school.

She had always had an interest in working with youth, particularly youth off the streets. As a teenager, she was involved with ACON (Aids Council of NSW), running youth groups and motivational workshops.

In her late teens, she started dabbling in music production and programming, converting her poetic writing into lyrics for the backing tracks she the produced. She taught herself to record and produce the songs she wrote and performed. In her early 20’s she spent 2 years in London, exploring the music scene and performing, mostly for “The Nursery Theatre”, singing covers, (of TLC, Mary J Blige and Lauren Hill), and her own original work.

Cash currently performs as a poet and singer around Sydney and is working on releasing an album of reggae covers with her sister and her own personal works.


Brittany Green

BrittanyFrom her early beginnings Brittany has been performing; whether it be music, drama or dance, this creative drive bled into all aspects of her life. Brittany has always been drawn to children and them to her. Since finishing University she has been nannying and found much joy in speaking about, sharing and teaching music to the children she cares for. Brittany is thrilled to begin teaching at Einsteinz in Term 2 of 2017.

“I love watching children learn and grow through music, in both direct and indirect ways. Whether they develop a deeper connection or understanding of music by exploring rhythm on the drums, or even in less obvious aspects such as feeling free to grow personally, and become more confident in themselves and interacting with their peers!”

Brittany grew up surrounded by all performing arts but found herself drawn in particular to singing. Beginning singing lessons at the age of 8, Brittany performed at many talent quests and in Musical Theater performances. In her teens, Brittany started writing songs, and started learning guitar to assist her songwriting process. Brittany has a Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in Music and is still studying Classical Guitar, focusing on developing her sound as a unique artist under the musical alias of ‘Willowy’. Brittany has released a debut single ‘Waiting on You’ and ‘The White Dress’, an EP, as Willowy. She has performed live and toured as ‘Willowy’.

When not performing, Brittany nanny’s children on Sydney’s North Shore. She is involved with the children’s music education and practice. She has witnessed first-hand their confidence and skills grow through music.

Brittany believes it is important to foster a positive association with music from a young age and is excited to be a part of Einsteinz Music to help light a passion for music in young children that could start an interest and love of music for life.


Karen Moses

Karen Moses’s first experiences of Einsteinz Music were when she attended with some children she has nannying in 2008, so she saw the effect first-hand what attending music classes from a young age can do for children.

Karen trained to be an Einsteinz Music teacher and started teaching classes in 2010.

 “It is such a positive environment to be in where everyone is having fun, smiling, dancing and learning about music”

Karen grew up in a musical family, where both her parents played the piano and sang in choirs. She was brought up going to musicals as both her parents were in a Musical Society. Karen learnt to play the piano and read sheet music when she was 7 years old. One of her childhood friends started to play the drums in primary school and she was so inspired by this that she wanted to learn the drums too, which she was able to do when she bought her first drum kit from a grant awarded to her as when she was awarded the most improved student in Year 8.

After that she studied drums through private tuition for 6 years. She was in a folk band called ‘Wild Blue Ivy’ and while working at Drum City was the drummer for a blues rock band called ‘Double Helix’. They played at many venues around Sydney and supported groups like ‘Holly Throsby’ and ‘The John Butler Trio’.

Along the way she taught herself to play the guitar and began writing songs which she still does to this day. She enjoys playing the djembe, wooden flute and the dombec.

In 2003 Karen began a new career working as an Early Childhood Teacher in a long day care centre. This is where she began to appreciate how much children learn from music. She would make up songs on her guitar and have a huge group of children dancing and singing in front of her. She would also do music and movement with her drums, which they loved. She picked up a wide knowledge of children’s songs from being in this environment.


Serge Stanley

Serge comes from a family of musicians and has been playing music all his life. Serge is a multi-instrumentalist and currently plays saxophone, piano, guitar, ukulele and accordion.

Since he was out of high school Serge has played in many musical arenas including touring nationally and internationally with various groups, playing most Sydney venues at some stage, writing and recording original music, receiving airplay on many national radio stations and generally being active in the local music scene.

Serge finds it inspiring to his own practice to see a child be able to learn something after being shown only once or twice, and the patience children bring to their own learning process.

“I enjoy seeing the ability of children to learn as quickly as they do, and to constantly surprise us.”

He has been teaching woodwinds privately and the Saxophone Ensemble at a local Public School.

Serge has a son who attends Einsteinz Music classes, and he first became interested in Einsteinz Music when his partner was looking for a “cool class to take their two year old son as a place to engage with other kids.”

I find it fascinating how young children become interested in things around them and the methods we can use to engage them and also give them the opportunity to experiment themselves”.


Claire Steele

img_teachers_claireClaire grew up on the mid-north coast of NSW and was exposed to music from an early age. Her father, an accomplished guitarist played frequently around the home, and Claire remembers attending numerous gigs growing up, watching him play bass guitar in local jazz bands.

From the age of 8, Claire began piano lessons in classical repertoire and continued these throughout her schooling life. She was a member of the high school band for many years, playing trumpet, clarinet and saxophone, but piano remained her primary focus.

After school she attended the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music, obtaining a Bachelor of Music in Performance. Whilst at the Con, she performed in numerous chamber and vocal ensembles, including performances for Opera Hunter, and was the accompanist for the Conservatorium’s Early Childhood Music Choir.

Claire went on to further study, receiving a Diploma of Education in Primary Teaching.

After time spent teaching in Sydney, both private piano tuition and primary teaching in schools, Claire moved to the USA where she lived for almost 9 years. During this time, she taught piano privately, and worked as Music Director for a local theatre group that specialised in musical theatre for primary aged school children.

After returning to Australia with a young family, Claire realised how much she enjoyed playing and singing to her children, and decided to pursue opportunities in early childhood music. Starting teaching with Einsteinz Music seemed a perfect fit.

“Seeing children engage with music in such a hands-on way is extremely rewarding”.

Robyn Rostovsky

Owner of Einsteinz Music, Robyn attended her first Einsteinz Music class with her 7 month old daughter whilst on maternity leave. She fell in love with the concept and decided she had to become involved with the classes – what could be better than making music with children? What a joyful way to spend the day!

After training to be a teacher for a few terms, Robyn was then offered the opportunity to open new classes, but at the time was pregnant with her second child. Instead, she bought the business in 2004 – a perfect combination of her past education (an Honours Degree in Dramatic Arts, with a penchant for musical theatre) and her many years of work experience in marketing and sales management in the field of luxury education.

Robyn is passionate about Einsteinz Music and all the benefits it brings to children and carers alike. Occasionally she ventures out from behind her desk to teach substitute classes or co-teach larger groups for promotions or demonstrations.